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Who we are

Autodemolizione Bresolin S.r.l. has been handling the recycling of the raw materials making up cars for many years, recovering and selling the parts it considers useful to put on the market, with two important objectives:
  • environmental protection
  • your savings in the purchase of spare parts

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  • Sale of new and used auto parts
  • Acquisition of damaged recent cars
  • Dispatch of Motor Vehicles Registry procedures
  • Recovery and environmentally-friendly disposal of materials

The Firm has several operational departments to ensure maximum diligence in every step, from cancellation to wrecking and resale.

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The firm boast more than 25 years' experience in the auto-recycling sector. We stand out in the sector because we operate according to an industrial logic and are oriented towards the constant growth of commercial activities.
Our corporate culture is defined and evolves with a clear commitment: to be forerunners and promoters of a business model.

Our customers (Italian and foreign) are all operators in the field of auto spare parts, dealers and artisans in the sector, such as body shops, machine shops, etc., without neglecting the private market, our fast-growing user basin.
The needs of our reference users require precise and clear corporate policies to ensure a high quality service and very competitive prices for higher quality materials: this is our market.

Our "added value" is that of the rapidity of our operators and the many services, which are always growing in number and on the cutting-edge; all converted into an almost automatic loyalty that characterises our medium-high level target.
We strongly believe in this combination: a selected, treated, controlled and guaranteed quality product, enhanced by a highly professional service, expertise and marked by a focus on environmental protection.

Autodemolizione Bresolin was the first firm in the auto motive sector in Italy to be awarded ISO 14001/2008 Environmental Certification, and on 15/12/2003 it obtained ISO 9001/2008 Certification.


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