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The implementation of our corporate commitment requires clear and precise environmental and quality objectives:
  • an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System which includes:
    • a specific organisation
    • ongoing improvement of the delivered quality and environmental protection, by identifying specific quality and environmental parameters
    • our own ongoing improvement
  • optimisation of energy consumption and raw materials;
  • the use of reusable and recyclable materials;
  • the promotion of waste management oriented towards its reduction and reuse;
  • controlling and guaranteeing the product;
  • measuring and effective improvement of customer satisfaction;
  • the modern management of economic-financial resources;
  • raising awareness, among selected and qualified suppliers, regarding issues of quality and environmental responsibility
  • involvement and training of human resources as indispensable creators of business improvement
Backed by experience and the values it believes in, the Bresolin Automotive Group has achieved outstanding results, particularly in the autorecycling sector.
Autodemolizione Bresolin is currently the only partner in Italy for all car manufacturers in the treatment of end of life vehicles and is a leader in the sector in Europe for technology standards, productivity levels, environmental respect and commitment to research & development.

Bresolin certification ISO 14001
Bresolin certification ISO 14001

The Group is organised and operates in conformity with an ISO 14001 certified integrated management system.
The process of ecological treatment of end of life cars is managed entirely in the modern technological plant located in Bassano del Grappa and is controlled by a cutting-edge computerised system: from the pick-up and collection of the vehicles to the recovery and reuse of recyclable parts, and the breaking and separation of the finished product (proler) on an industrial scale, always in full compliance with the strict national and European regulations on environmental protection and health and safety at work.

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Assistance in pointing out the right solution and the punctuality in the After-Sales Service are the main prerogatives in the work we carry out every day.
This standard is applied to the organisation processes that have an impact on the quality and focuses on ongoing improvement and customer satisfaction.
Bresolin customer satisfaction
Bresolin certification ISO 9001
Bresolin certification ISO 9001

For these directives the firm has been awarded ISO 9001 certification:

- quality management system;
- responsibility management;
- resource management;
- production;
- measuring;
- analysis and improvement.


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