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Key to symbols

article available
article not available
SX left - DRIVER side (see opposite)
DX right - PASSENGER side (see opposite)
3P 3 doors
4P 4 doors + trunk
5P 5 doors
SW station wagon
BERL sedan
XX -> from this year onwards e.g.: "00->" means from 2000 onwards
->XX until this year e.g.: "->00"means until the year 2000
+ see notes
* the part has a small flaw that does not affect its operation
B Petrol
D Diesel
C/F with fog lights
S/F without fog lights
C/P with primer ready to be painted
1/2 P half primer (half painted)
BIA white
ARA orange
PAR reflector
1 P headlight with 1 reflector
2 P headlight with 2 reflectors
C comfort function (the window is raised with a click of the switch, the motor connection is with more than two connectors)
MEC mechanical/manual
ELE electric
ORI original
A/C with climate control
4F 4 holes
5F 5 holes
FD disc brakes
FT drum brakes
ABS vehicles ABS
side left = driver's side
Side left: driver's side

side right = passenger's side
Side right: passenger's side


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